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Everything starts with a sketch. We are experienced in all aspects of design, from concept art to engineering drawings and design for CNC.



We can build anything you desire. Whether it's sculpture, sound-stages, mechanical special effects, model making, set building, props and prototypes, we love starting the build and seeing it through to the end. With our wide range of skills and experience, we'll make it happen.

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We provide a full turnkey solution. We hire the crew, install and strike the set, Dismantle and upcycle the scenery as needed. We leave your site the way we found it - even neater, if we can. It's why we come to work in the morning and always stay a little late. We just like what we do.

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About Mike

Even as a kid I was always building something. Making something. Taking pictures of something. Eventually, I went to art school in Pittsburgh, PA.

I studied Photography at first. But I also studied Sculpture, Painting, Art History and Drawing. When I got out, I was working with cameras and film, but also with wood, metal, plastic, paper, foam, and paint. Mastering carpentry, welding, rigging, electrical, CAD design, CNC router work and drafting along the way, I realized it was the building and fabricating that I really liked.

After a while, I was constructing runways for Fashion Week. Sculpting six-foot-wide foam hamburgers for TV commercials. Devising a breakaway gift box big enough to fit a college basketball team.

Years of building large theater sets in New York gave way to years of fabricating exhibits, scenery, displays, environments, custom showpieces and sets for the Washington, DC and mid-Atlantic market.

I’ve been here in the DC/Baltimore area for 25 years and have managed a few scene shops along the way—but I’ve been most satisfied running my own studio since 2015.

We've grown and expanded since 2015. We continue to move into bigger facilities, acquire new tools and bring experienced professionals on board. We're a skilled, talented team of artisans and technicians, and we all love what we do.

So contact us and let us know if there's something we can build for you.