Fabrication Techniques

We build scenery! Anything from full theatrical sets for live performances to graphic displays for events. That’s not all - It’s not an uncommon request to build an oversized prop for a film or video shoot,  or a permanent exhibit installation for a museum.

Our job is to take your inspiration, your 2-dimensional sketch and render it in 3 dimensions. So, starting with paper - or an image on a screen, we start building.

Whatever contracted to build, we apply the appropriate fabrication techniques and source the appropriate materials to realize the finished product. Here are a few examples of our build process and just some of the materials we often use,

Wood Construction

The Washington Ballet asked us to build a stark silhouette form of a tree as a set piece for a performance. Wood was used as the primary building material. The original design came from a Zoom videoconference call with the choreographer. A few whiteboard sketches later and we had a plan. The rest was just building it to scale and rendering it in 3D. (Oh, delivering and installing it too, of course)

Metal Construction / Welding

Children’s National Hospital contracted us to build a mobile doghouse for their in-house Pet Therapy program. Among the many technical challenges- (soft-close hinges, Battery-powered cooling fans, secure locks and brakes and easily-replaceable parts) were many aesthetic considerations: A removable, hinged entry door which would allow airflow, but could also be securely fastened shut, for starters. Hand cut, formed and welded metal rod seemed like the best choice for the job. The waiting tenants were very pleased with their new digs.

Foam Fabrication

A client asked us to provide some scenic elements for an ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed party in Washington DC. Among the pieces we delivered were three ‘toadstools’ . The event was short-lived, but the props would need to survive outside for a few days, with inclement weather a distinct possibility. Carved and epoxy-coated expanded foam worked perfectly as a sculpting medium, and a durable exterior build material. LED lights and some glow-in the dark UV paint added a nice glowing look at dusk.