Finished AE Phone Booth

American Express® Campaign

We were commissioned to create classic British phone boxes in the signature color of American Express® campaign. They would be shipped to cities such as London, Mumbai and New York, where they would be outfitted with iPads to promote a new app.
Egyptian Theatre Entrance

Egyptian Theatre

This project started when our client expressed his passion for the film version of Stargate and the subsequent television series Stargate SG1 at one of our events!
Yellow Submarine Bar Installation

Celadon Beatles Toyota Gala

Devise interactive party games based on the client’s game concepts: A ‘Ringo Starr’ ring toss, a ‘Long and winding road’ Mini-golf game and A ‘Penny Lane’ penny pitch.
Carmen Act II stage with cast

Annapolis Opera

Building the stage set for their production of The Barber of Seville. We worked with the production’s scenic designer, April Joy Vester, who had a vision of a pastel hued villa, complete with architectural flourishes.
FN Tech scenic elements

FN Tech

We were hired by FN Tech, a northern California production company to provide scenic elements for a DC launch event for their client, Facebook.
Stunt Tree

Mt Ennon Baptist Church

Mt Ennon Baptist Church needed a set built for a dramatic play, 'MAAFA' which traces the history of slavery in America. Part of the drama hinges on a scene in which a hanging would be re-created with actors and stuntmen.